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Books and Reading

Information to help you find a book to read.

Spend some time browsing the links on the left to find suggestions for a good book to read. We enjoy reading just as much as you do and we'd love to talk to you about books. Stop into the library to see our displays of featured books, or talk to a librarian about what you're reading, or to get ideas on what to read next.


  • Use this form to suggest a book for purchase.
  • Click HERE to put your favorite authors on hold as new titles come in.
  • Call or Email the library to place a hold on a book.







If you would like to log in and check your due dates, renew books on line, or place a hold on an item, follow these steps. 

  1. From our homepage-- -- click on "Log-In to My Account" at the right and enter username and password.

If you have never logged in before:

  1. Near the upper right hand corner, click on "Create Account" and enter your last name as it appears on your card or receipt, and your barcode number (no 'P' necessary).
  2. You will then ask you for a user name and password, and confirmation of the password -- you may choose your own -- then click on the save button. 
  3. You are now logged in! Click on the "My Info" tab.  You will see a list of the items you have checked out and their due dates. 
  4. On the right side of the screen, you should see 'Renew' buttons for each item or a 'Renew All' button at the bottom of your list.
  5. If an item is on hold for someone else or this item has been renewed before, you will get a message saying that item could not be renewed.  Otherwise, everything should show a new due date. 
  6. You may stay logged in and browse our collection of materials. If you see something in the catalog that you would like to check out or get on the hold list for, click on the 'Details' button by the title, then click on the 'Hold It!' button on the right side of the screen.  Click the 'Save' button and you will get a message confirming your hold.













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  • Based on the Book:   Want to know if your favorite book is already a movie (or vice versa)?  Just check at this site by title or by author to find out! (Then you can head to your local movie rental store for the movie.)
  • What's Next:  This site is for those of you who have to read your books in order and want to know just that.  Really cool for figuring out the order!
  • Mid-Continent Public Library Juv./YA Series List:  GREAT SITE with all of your favorite juvenile and young adult series listed out in order!!
  • Which Book:  Helps you choose your next book by having you pick from a series of options and from those choices, it will make recommendations.  It’s kind of fun and might even move you in new directions with your reading!
  • LibriVox:  This site is where volunteers can record chapters from books in the public domain and you can listen to them!  This is a great find - go check out all of your choices!  And more are added daily.
  • Spotlight on Iowa Authors:  From Iowa Center for the Book, browse over 100 authors who live in Iowa